Other printing and screen printing, from Custom Barcelona, custom merchandising products, we offer the following:

Digital Printing   Plotter
1. Services now   1. Color and B / W
2. Cards.   2. Printing all file types.
3. Personalization   3. All formats.
4. Different types of paper and measures.   4. High resolution and different types of paper.
Photocopies Large Format   Scanner
1. Color and B / W.   1. Scanner for all measures.
2. Increases / decreases to 100%.   2. Digital Signage, document management.
3. Variety of media.   3. Service small and large format scanning.
4. Copies of plans.   4. Plans and images etc ...
Photocopies Laser   Vinyl
1. Color and B / W.   1. Vinyl lettering for windows, etc. metraquilato.
2. Reductions extensions.   2. For printing of shirts.
3. Many functions, mirror image.   3. Different colors.
Document Management   Binding
1. Escaner documents, minimizing the maximum space, sorting and filing. Binding   1. Hacemos all at once, worm, spiral, fastback, automatic, metallic.
2. You can convert the scanned image into text, using their time in transcribing documents.   2. On 24 hours: manuals, American record, recorded books in different colors.
    3.Personalization books and covers.
Laminate   Recording CD/DVD
1. Laminate all measures, mounting foamboard, laminates   1. We print CD / DVD.